Resource Central

Simply book a meeting in Outlook®, search for available rooms and resources, order catering and other services - and that’s it! There is no need to manually process cancellations or work with multiple systems for ordering related services or creating internal assignments or invoices, as Resource Central can be integrated with ERP systems.

Book a room

Using the user-friendly and intuitive user interface, you can quickly find the ideal room or other resource, regardless of location. Resource Central is a complete solution for planning meetings and conferences for Office 365, Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Its use reduces the cost of your meetings and allows your employees to spend their time on other tasks. This improves the service level and the overall efficiency - which is finally reflected in your ROI.

Organize food, supplies and additional services

Rarely is a meeting room booked alone. Complete your room planning and booking of your meetings with additional services such as parking spaces, drinks & meals, IT infrastructure (projectors, notebooks, etc.) and other services, customized for each location individually. Design your order forms according to your own wishes and requests. As a service-provider, you will be notified directly. Changes are processed and passed on automatically. This saves you time and reduces errors in the process

Organize your meeting anytime and anywhere

Have access to your calendar at any time, regardless of devices and browsers. With Resource Central's booking web app, you can book meetings with resources and participants using your own smartphone, tablet or any other internet-enabled device - a special Outlook® client is not required.

Improve customer service with the visitor management system

The Resource Central’s visitor management feature helps your staff manage the visitor process to achieve an effective workflow: from registration, to the printing of visitor badges, to reporting on visitors. Resource Central allows receptionists to quickly check visitors in, print badges and perform barcode scans of badges to keep track of registered visitors. When visitors check-in Resource Central automatically notifies meeting organizers by email. In unsupervised lobbies or high-traffic reception areas, companies can use the self-registration kiosk feature where visitors can check themselves in (hardware required). No longer do receptionists have to spend an inordinate amount of time signing visitors in and notifying hosts.

Room Booking displays

Improve the flow of information and guidance for your guests. With the solutions of ROOMZ and/or Digital Sign Services, the reservations are automatically transferred to the information screens. Regardless of whether as a complete overview of the entrance area or directly as “door sign” in front of the meeting room.

Integrated standard reports

Resource Central provides you with extensive statistics and evaluations of the use, occupancy and economy of your rooms and resources. Do you need a specific report? No problem. We would be happy to create your user-adapted evaluation.

Autres caracéristiques de Recourse Central

  • List and book available meeting rooms, resources, equipment, cars and hot desks through Outlook®
  • Order catering, table-arrangement and other services
  • Book recurring meetings and services
  • Book multiple resources and order catering and extra services in one step
  • Order confirmations are automatically sent to all meeting organizers and service providers
  • Automatic workflow for changes and cancellations
  • Customized catering items and menus
  • View nutrition and allergens information
  • Manage bookings and orders on behalf of your colleagues using the 'Assisting Organizer' feature
  • Get an overview of all meeting rooms showing availability, room description and images
  • Filter on specific locations and find available meeting rooms with color-coded interactive floor plans
  • View availability of internal meeting attendees
  • Manage resource reservations with the 'Booking Manager' feature
  • Hide or restrict selections of resources that organizers do not have permission to book
  • View reservations and orders
  • Outlook® add-in with cross-platform support
  • Delete sensitive data manually or automatically for GDPR compliancy
  • Use the self-registration kiosk for speedy registration
  • 15 languages supported by software